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  4 - Sure

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Non Chlorinated Safety solvent cleaner & DegreaserSure Non Chlorinated Safety Solvent Cleaner & Degreaserdro-Sol X-14 Non-toxic Cle
A Fully Compliant Alternative Cleaner
Has High Flash Points
Non-Ozone Depleting
Safe, Non-Toxic Alternative to Chlorinated Solvents
Replaces Freon or Trichloroethane 1.1.1
Uniform Evaporation Rate of Components
Compatible With Most Surfaces
Pleasant Citrus Odor
Does Not Burn Hands
Reduces Safety Hazards Versus Solvents

4-Sure Effectively Removes
Organic and Synthetic oils
Silicon Caulking

Application Methods
Spray, Brush or Wipe on
Ultrasonic Unit
Parts Washer

Compatible Surfaces
Fibra Clad Laminates
Most Plastics
Brick & Stone

What Is 4 - Sure?
4-Sure is a non chlorinated safety cleaner which replaces most solvents that are currently being used. It can be used in place of safety kleen in parts cleaning application.

Is 4-Sure Safer To Use?
4-Sure in its purchased form contains NO hazardous ingredients as defined by osha 29CR1910.1200. It is gentle to the hands and although personal protective gear is not required, it is recommended that eye protection and gloves be used. In some instances our customers have experienced a reduction in their insurance costs when switching to 4-Sure from solvent based cleaners.

How Do I Use 4-Sure?
The normal application for 4- Sure is in parts washers or ultrasonic cleaners. The typical implementation consists of adding a filter system to the parts washer or ultrasonic cleaner. The filters trap the contaminants and recycle the cleaned 4-Sure back into the parts washer or ultrasonic cleaner. In these machines 4-Sure will work as well as the solvents that you are currently using.

How Often Do I Need To Replace 4-Sure?
4-Sure will not lose its cleaning ability over time. It is blended with components that all have the same evaporation rate. Therefore the cleaning ability of 4-Sure unlike other cleaners or solvents does not deteriorate over time. Just add more product to maintain the desired fluid level in the tank.

How Do I Dispose of 4-Sure?
In its purchased form 4-Sure is not a hazardous material and can be disposed of as any other nonhazardous liquid. The filters can be washed with hydro-sol X-14 and the resulting solution can be sewer disposed (check with your local sewer district). The filter after being cleaned with hydro-sol X-14 can be Disposed of in your normal trash.

Is 4-Sure Cost Effective?
If you currently have one of the "Free" parts washers which is predicated on purchasing that companies products you will be able to purchase a parts washer and recoop your expense within six months. You will no longer have to pay to have contaminated solvents or cleaners hauled away and you will eliminate your hazardous waste liability.