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 hydro sol x14 af

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Hydro Sol X- 14 AF Applications


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  • Dip Bath Degreasing and Dewaxing

  • Ultra Sonic Cleaners

  • Pressure Washers

  • Flammable Vapor Supression

  • Cleaning Food Preparation Areas

  • Dishwashing (Cleans lipstick)

  • Accelerated Bidremediation

  • Bacterial Growth Inhibitor for Medical and Laboratory Cleaning

  • Marine Bilge Cleaning

  • Grease Traps

  • Aircraft Cleaning

  • Automobile Degreasing

Hydro Sol X-14 is

  • Enviromentally Safe

  • USDA Listed

  • (approved for use in Food Processing Areas)

  • Non Toxic

  • Non Corrosive

  • Sewer Disposable

  • (Check with Local Sewer District)

  • No Hazardous Ingredients

  • (Per Current EPA Regulations)

  • No Harmful Ingredients

  • A Solubilizer Not An Emulsifier