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The Safest, Most Effective, Odor Control Product You'll Ever Use

 Surrounds and binds odor causing molecules for complete deodorization. In one application this unique formula eliminates airborne and surface odors, leaving a mild, pleasant fragrance that lingers only until the product is dry.
Is SAFE to use and harmless to any water safe surface or fabric.
Contains no enzymes or bacteria.
Eliminates even the most offensive odor-including urine, pet odor, smoke, fish, chemical odorants, sewage and drain odor-even skunk!
May be used as a laundry additive to eliminate virtually any problem odor.
Eliminates pet and other noxious odors when added to carpet shampoo. Contributes to stain removal.
May be used on any problem odor with a wide variety of application methods.



The non-toxic, biodegradable answer to problem odors stemming from:



Garbage Disposals


Drains and Back-up Water

Sick Rooms

Diaper pails

Grease Traps

Stagnant Water

Urine & Feces



Garbage and Organic Waste

Paint Odors



Diesel Fuel

How Kontain Works...
We hear the phrase "airborne odors", but the truth is all odors are airborne. We each breath approximately 500 cubic feet of air daily, and with it, odor causing molecules. Roughly 2% passes over two olfactory "pads" located at the top of the nasal passages.
Each pad is comprised of mucus covered epithelial tissue covering an area about the size of a dime. The two areas combined contain about 5 million neurons, each of which ends in 6-12 hair-like receptors which filter and probe the passing air. When odor molecules engage these receptors, the neuron transmits a message to the brain.
KONTAIN controls odor by taking care of them at their source: the odor causing molecules. Its active ingredients surround and bind the molecule, resulting in an olfactory block of that particular odor. Essentially, the odor molecule no longer "fit" and so cannot engage the receptor. No receptor engagement means no odor!
The great thing about KONTAIN is that this molecular binding is permanent. The odor is gone for good and will not return unless a fresh odor source is introduced to the treated surface or environment.

There's A Dozen Ways to Apply

Spray-mix 8 oz. KONTAIN per gallon of water and use in any pump or trigger spray bottle. Recommended dilution rate 20 parts water to 1 part Kontain to 5 to 1 ratio depending on application requirements.
Add to water or mop water.
Add to laundry or rinse water.
May be use in power washers and automated scrub systems.
Add to Hydro-Sol X-14 in carpet cleaning machines and extractors.
Works great in foggers.
Apply with pump sprayer, (such as those used for pesticide application).
Use in metering systems.
Add directly to holding tanks or camper toilets.
Inject directly into carpet padding, fibers or fill material.
Add to liquid soap or shampoo.
Use with a wick (in sick rooms or nurseries).

Kontain is available in concentrate or ready-to-use.