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potty pellets

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Potty Pellets 

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RV-Marine-Portable Toilets

Just drop one pellet into holding tank through toilet opening prior to use or after dumping tank. Flush toilet to add water to tank. One pellet will treat up to 50 gallon capacity. For extremely hot weather or longer than 7 days retention time just add another pellet.

Gray Water Holding Tanks

Add ½ pellet through sink drain.

Septic Tank Treatment

Just add one pellet to toilet and flush. Repeat monthly for best results. To keep bathrooms smelling fresh add your pellet to the water holding tank.

Potty Pellets are:

  • Environmentally safe

  • Convenient – just drop it in

  • Bio-remediation of waste, grease & tissue

  • Elimination of odors

  • Dumping is a breeze

  • Cleans & lubricates gauges, sensors & tanks

  • No formaldehyde – no methyl alcohol

  • Liquifies waste