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pro series 2 cycle oil


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  Pro Series 2 Cycle Oil

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Give your equipment the very best!

  • Smoother, Quieter Engine Performance
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Lower Emissions
  • Easier Starts

Pro Series 2-Cycle Engine Oil with IXL™ has been developed to meet and exceed all the demanding requirements of engines running 2-cycle oil. Pro Series has the unique IXL™ Anti-Friction Metal Conditioner to reduce heat and friction and to increase performance in your two cycle engine. Pro Series produces low ash, with virtually no power robbing engine deposits. It also minimizes spark plug fouling for maximum performance.

Pro Series is the right 2-cycle oil for hot or cold climates, and will reduce cold starting and eliminate dry starting. Pro Series is guaranteed to increase the performance and life-span of your 2-cycle equipment.

Instructions for Use:

Blend Pro Series into your 2-cycle fuel-oil mix per your equipment manufacturer’s instructions (generally between 20:1 and 80:1 parts fuel to parts 2-cycle oil). For questions on the proper ratio, consult your owner’s manual or the equipment manufacturer.