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Heavy Equipment Owner Testimonial

“At Kippen Concrete Cutting we have a lot of trucks and equipment. One of our trucks is a 1997 diesel Ford pick-up truck with 179,289 miles on it, which pulls a trailer on a daily basis. I have been adding IXL for three years in this truck, and have never had transmission, or engine problems! All my other trucks have similar great stories. I use the G-710 Grease in my Curb Cutting Saw (which is a very large piece of equipment),that has numerous bearings, sidebars, etc. Ever since I've used the G-710 grease, I've never replaced a bearing.”

Calvin, Owner,
Kippen Concrete Cutting



 Testimonial from IXL User in Canada: IXL Helps my Tractors and Mower

"I was first introduced to IXL in approximately 1996 . . . and I have been using it ever since. I had an old Cockshutt tractor and the tranny would run so hot you couldn't put your feet on the plate covering it. After adding the required amount of IXL it stayed cool. My 6 ft. Toro Lawn Mower also runs cooler and without trouble after adding IXL. I never want to be without it. It saves time, trouble, and money."

Mike P., Canada


 IXL Triples Life of Irrigation Pumps and Saves $1,000's

We were rebuilding the pump about twice a year. With complete bearing failure we were looking at replacing gears and bearings at an average cost of eighteen hundred dollars. We rebuilt the complete gearbox and added IXL to the synthetic gear oil. The pump was in service for just over a year and a half without a failure. At that time the pump was torn down and there was virtually no bearing score at all . . . We now have IXL in the power steering pumps, transmissions, rear ends and all gearboxes.

Tony R. & Ron B., Pit King Ltd., Canada.