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Tri chem diesel fuel additives

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 Tri-Chem AM4020 Diesel Engine Treatment

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Run leaner and cleaner!

Tri-Chem AM 4020 is a diesel fuel additive that protects and lubricates the top end of the motor, while also increasing fuel efficiency. Tri-Chem AM 4020 reduces injector failure by reducing carbon and gum build up. And unlike many fuel additives, Tri-Chem AM 4020 is highly concentrated-only a few ounces are needed each time you fill up. One quart (32 ounces) of Tri-Chem AM 4020 will treat up to 512 gallons of diesel fuel.

If you have a diesel engine that is smoking, pinging, dieseling, or that has excessive carbon or gum buildup, then you need to try some Tri-Chem AM 4020 today! We guarantee that you will be impressed.

Tri-Chem AM 4020 will also protect your fuel from gelling in cold environments. Use the cold weather instructions below for maximum performance in when the temperature drops!

For best results pour the appropriate amount of Tri-Chem AM 4020 into your tank immediately before you add the diesel fuel. The amount of Tri-Chem AM 4020 you need to use varies depending on the time of year and the temperature in which you will be operating your vehicle.

Follow these instructions:

1 Oz. Tri-Chem treats 16 gallons of diesel fuel

Increase dosage to prevent gelling; use 1 Oz. Tri-Chem for every 4 gallons of diesel fuel.
Use 1 Oz. Tri-Chem for every 2 gallons of diesel fuel in temperatures below -10°F

1 Quart treats up to 512 gallons of fuel.
1 Gallon treats up to 2,048 gallons of fuel.