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 Tri-Chem AM2010 Gas Engine Treatment

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 Maximize performance, minimize costs!

Tri-Chem AM 2010 is a gas additive that has been used for over 20 years to increase system performance and fuel efficiency. Tri-Chem includes the IXL™ anti-friction metal conditioner to lubricate and protect the top end of the motor and the fuel injection system. Try some Tri-Chem in your vehicle today, and you will see the results!

Unlike most fuel additives, Tri-Chem AM 2010 is highly concentrated, and only a few ounces are needed each time you fill up. One quart (32 ounces) of Tri-Chem AM 2010 will treat 320 gallons of gasoline, or about 20 fill ups for the average car. You can give your engine IXL protection for only a few cents for every gallon of gasoline.

Follow these instructions:

Add 1 ounce of Tri-Chem into your fuel tank for every 10 gallons of gasoline. For best results add the Tri-Chem directly to your fuel tank immediately before fueling. Carefully store the Tri-Chem once it has been opened, so as not to spill.

Using more than the recommended dosage of Tri-Chem AM 2010 is not necessary for performance and is not advised. However, additional additive-provided that it is not more than triple the recommended dosage-will not damage your engine.

1 Quart treats up to 320 gallons of fuel.
1 Gallon treats up to 1,280 gallons of fuel.